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Carton bags

European style paper shopping bags offer the greatest number of base materials, printing and structural options. Euro totes can be manufactured in any shape or size and have the widest range of printing capabilities. Euro bags can be printed offset, heat-stamped, embossed, silk-screened or in any other printing process.

“Sheet-fed” Euro bags begin the manufacturing process as sheets of paper, affording these bags the option to either be hand-crafted or automatically formed by machine. This makes the Euro tote bag graphically superior to other styles of shopping bags. With the highest promotional value, look and feel. This bag is suitable for any project, from designer boutiques to larger scale luxury cosmetic and fashion retailers.

Euro bags can also be made with a variety of bag manufacturing base papers, including coated or uncoated krafttextured signature base paperscustom beater-dyednatural or white kraft, foil and metalized.