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Stretch Film

Stretch wrap or stretch film is an extremely elastic plastic wrap that is stretched around various products (such as pallets of boxes) for shipping and transportation. The elastic recovery or stretch-ability of the film secures the products and ensures they are tightly bound.It is often implemented in the unitizing of various products but can also be leveraged for packaging bundles of small objects. Stretch wrap sticks tightly to itself and is used in millions of companies across the globe.

There are many different types of stretch film. Below you will find a list of each type. Beneath the list we will investigate each films capabilities, common uses and varied dynamic qualities. You might want to take notes here as there is a lot of information to digest

  • Machine Stretch
    • Cast Stretch
    • Blown Stretch
    • Pre-Stretch
    • Hay Baling Stretch
  • Hand Stretch
  • Color Stretch
  • Reinforced Stretch
  • No Cling Stretch